Being a Personal Link From the Local Church to the Unreached

That vision works in two simultaneous directions. We have the privilege of connecting great local churches in the United States to the least and unreached peoples of Africa. In return we strive to see lives of individuals increasingly redeemed and transformed by Jesus. As those men, women and young people are often rejected by their families and communities we have the honor of bringing them into the fellowship of believers, truly establishing new local churches!

Therefore, we have accreditation from ministry partners in our sending organization and alliances with churches throughout Africa and around the world.


“Jesus instructed us to pray for workers, workers who will harvest.  We need Harvesters who understand the nature of the harvest, who are willing to sacrifice all to get it in and who do it with a Christlike joy.  Brett and Elise are are an answer to this prayer.  It is an honor to have them on the Africa Team of those harvesting in the last unreached places of Africa.”

- Greg Beggs, Africa Regional Director for Assemblies of God World Missions

The Sound of a Thousand Voices

We would also love to have you partnering with us in prayer. Once a month we send updates and ways to be partnering in prayer to see the unreached reached with the Good News of Jesus the Messiah.

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