Vision + Mission

"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!" (1 Chronicles 16.24, ESV)

Our Vision: A Personal Link from the Local Church to the Unreached

We serve as a personal link from the local church to the unreached by:

  • Serving as the hands extended from the local churches in the United States through prayer and financial support.
  • Communicating actively with our extending local churches to keep them connected and up-to-date on what God is doing, building a deeper communion in relationship.
  • Speaking into the life of our extending fellowship, in local churches in the United States and across Africa, to see more men, women and children join our team in West Africa to reach unreached people.


Our Mission: Creating Space to Grow a Movement

We create space to grow a movement by:

  • Starting a new church planting initiative in the urban regions of Senegal.
  • Living among the people of the community our family can express the fellowship of the Church before those that have never interacted with followers of Jesus.
  • Building relationship with men, women and children and seeking to express the Good News of Jesus through the arts.
  • Creating relational space where we can engage the people, serve and love them, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them for the first time to grow a movement into faith in Jesus Christ!

In 25 years of pastoral ministry I have met many individuals seeking to serve on a mission field.  We have truly been blessed in the Assemblies of God with a rich tradition of raising up people who have the 'want to' when it comes to the command, 'Go!'  Brett & Elise are one of those couples that make you pause as a leader and say, 'they have more than a "want to," they were created to go and bring the light of the Gospel into the dark places of our world.'  Upon first meeting this couple, I felt that they carried the same spirit of one of their mentors, Bob McCulley, who was the first missionary I ever supported as a pastor.  Not only do I support them, I am proud to know they represent what being a missionary is all about.
- Mike Field, Pastor and Founder of Hope Church, Charlotte, NC

What We've Seen God Accomplish

  • Since 2009 our family has been dedicated to full time church planting among unreached people groups in Africa

  • We have led longterm teams working among unreached people groups.

  • We have served the leaders of the suffering churches of Northeastern Africa

  • We have reached out to the unreached people groups in Northeastern Africa

  • We have sought to communicate the Gospel through the heart language of the peoples groups we have worked and with whom we are working (i.e. Arabic, French, Spanish and Wolof).

  • We have worked to train the next generation of international missionaries, equipping them with theological training and biblical foundations of church planting among unreached people groups

  • We have aimed to mobilize church planting partners in Central and East Africa to work among the unreached peoples of West Africa

  • We have had the privilege of leading men, women and their families into relationship with Christ throughout the countries of Central, Eastern, and Northeastern Africa 

" I have told Brett Deal's parents that they and we should have no fear of retiring from the field of battle and leaving that field to younger soldiers as long as Brett and Elise and others like them are ready to take over. Our generation has given them a foundation on which to build and they have fresh vision and fresh energy and a commitment to the task that is freshly washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Have no fear for there is victory ahead as young missionaries like the Deals take the field."
- Bob McCulley, Veteran Missionary to Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan